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Bed Bug Dog False Positive? – Bed bugs …

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The only way that those bonds break is when one or both parties realises what they are going has legal ramifications or if the client gets complaints that the PCO's methods do not appear to be working. Its common in pest control where the "bug guy got us out of the sling last time and we hate to even think about pest control". Increasingly in the UK companies are employing consultants to write better specifications for pest control service to move away from the personal relationships like this.

Sorry the auto correct on my phone introduced a mistake, it should have read:

The adjoining units should be checked, for them to be your source the infestation would be easy to spot as bedbugs don't skip from one unit to the next, the set up a base camp and move out to colonise from there.

I am in a different time zone to many of you so my evenings tend to reply via a phone which means fewer links and pictures within my posts.

Sorry there is just too much of what they have said wrong to ID it all without it looking like a massacre or assassination. Its better for you to read up and see from here and the other quality linked websites how off base they are being with their comments, even the car comment is so wrong its a common post on here.

Please look at my comments here about wall installation of Passive Monitors, I personally do not recommend that, its a hang over from something in the past. The most comprehensive information is on my link below as well as the installation advice you will read on the forum:

The only good news on this one is that it really sounds as if you don't have a significant issue with bedbugs or you would have been able to find signs that the K9 team did not bother to look for.

It may even be that you have never had bedbugs and in which case the stress you are currently under is "shame on them for not being professional and doing the right job".

Hope that makes sense.


In accordance with the AUP and FTC I openly disclose my vested interest in Passive Monitors as the inventor.

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Bed Bug Dog False Positive? - Bed bugs ...

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