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bed bugs & denial! – Review of The Maxwell New York City …

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Booked a Sat nite at this hotel at a AAA rate of ~$230. Stayed in a Spectacular Room, had a good night's stay and would consider staying here again if it's just the mrs. & I but not if our child comes along (as she did on this visit).

Room---Like most Ws, quite modest in size yet stylish, with an excellent bed. This room was compact, with little room around the bed to maneuver. The bed was super comfy. The BA was in good shape, w/the usual Bliss toiletries and plenty of of towels.

Service---We didn't require much on the way of service from the hotel. We checked bags with the bellman as the room wasn't ready when we arrived (early, before checkin time) and valeted our car. The people we interacted were fine -- a bit aloof, as has been our experience in many trendy NY hotels, but not rude.

Hotel facilities---I used the gym for a workout and we had dinner in the hotel restaurant. The gym was surprisingly large, with a good selection of equipment in very good shape. Chilled towels and cold water was readily available. Dinner was fine. Simple offerings but fairly priced & the service was very friendly.

The location is good, for our needs anyway. Only 1-2 blocks from a stop for the 6 subway line, which we used multiple times to get uptown & back.

Misc---This hotel is primarily geared to business travelers or the typical W client (singles and childless couples). I think it would work fine w/older children, w/kids 9-10 and above, but the rooms are very snug, so it could be tough maneuvering with 3 adult-size people in a room.

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bed bugs & denial! - Review of The Maxwell New York City ...

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