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How to Recognize Bed Bugs: 12 Steps – wikiHow

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Two Methods:Identifying the InsectsChecking for Other Signs of BedbugsCommunity Q&A

Bedbugs are tiny insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Bed bugs dont just live in beds, but in luggage, furniture, shoes, and even public transportation.[1] Bedbugs are not dangerous and dont transmit disease, though some people have allergic reactions to them or get secondary infections from scratching bites. You may even have an emotional reaction to the gross factor of bed bugs, which is completely normal. You can recognize bedbugs by identifying the insects and checking for other signs of them.













What can I do if I keep finding bed bugs on the bed, and other places, after an exterminator found nothing?

wikiHow Contributor

Get a second opinion. If you keep finding them, then it is apparent that you have them. Get another professional exterminator to treat your home before your home is infested with them.

I have only seen one bed bug crawling on my mattress. How do I check to see if there are more?

wikiHow Contributor

If you've seen one, then the probability that you have more than one is high. You need to examine your bedding, mattress, and bed frame very carefully. Look for tiny, brownish-red stains on your sheets and mattress creases. Spray your bed and frame with rubbing alcohol and buy a mattress protector specifically for bedbugs.

Can they spread to other beds in the house? And do they look like mosquito bites?

wikiHow Contributor

Yes, they can spread to other beds in the house. They do look very similar to mosquito bites, though some bites are large and others are tiny.

I have found a tiny bug in my towels. It is impossible to identify legs or head; it is just a moving thing. There are large numbers of them. What can I do?

wikiHow Contributor

Take pictures and call an exterminator.

I found a bug that was flat with many legs. Was this a bed bug?

wikiHow Contributor

Possibly. Bed bugs are flat, brow and circular-shaped with a "ridged" or layered exoskeleton.

What is the normal lifespan of a bedbug?

wikiHow Contributor

The average life span of the bed bug is 6-12 months and they will feed every 10 days or so during this time.

I've only noticed seen blood marks on textiles. Could this be a sign of a bedbug infestation.

wikiHow Contributor

Yes, it may be. You may not necessarily see bugs if you have a bed bug problem.

I heard bed bugs die within 3 months if they don't feed on blood. Is that true?

wikiHow Contributor

Firstly it depends on the age of the bed bug and the temperature of your room, so the hotter it is, the longer it can survive. They can survive 4-5 months without blood depending on the bed bug's age.

I noticed a bug about an 1/8" long, tan, and shedding oval skin. There are many of them on the wood at the foot of the bed - does this sound like bed bugs?

wikiHow Contributor

Yes, the characteristics you describe sound like you may have a bedbug problem.

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How to Recognize Bed Bugs: 12 Steps - wikiHow

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